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Welcome to Premier Real Estate Academy, where your ambition meets our blueprint for success. We couldn’t be more excited that you are here today! Our mission is straightforward: to empower you to achieve what’s most important to you. We love seeing people win and live a big life.

Through our comprehensive training, personalized coaching and expert speakers, we provide a range of live and virtual events designed to propel you closer to achieving your goals. Because seeing you thrive is what’s most important to us, we bring an unwavering commitment to help you unlock your full potential as a real estate professional.

Join us on this exhilarating journey and prepare to explore a world of boundless opportunities. Together, let's make your dreams a reality. Yes, you can... and together we can achieve more.


At Premier Real Estate Academy, we firmly believe in the power of the fundamentals. Championship teams succeed because they have mastered the basics, and the same principle applies to real estate agents. As a big advocate of continuous learning, it is the route to unlock your full potential... and become all that you're capable of being. In a competitive industry, agents who strive to out-smart and out-skill their competitors turn to us for guidance.

While technology continues to blaze a trail, social media continues to evolve and new & shiny objects have their place, it is ultimately your interpersonal skills, your ability to connect face-to-face and earn the trust of prospective sellers and buyers that will ultimately determine your success. Knowing what to say and how to say it is crucial. People skills and effective communication are paramount. Top agents don't win simply because they have more leads; they win because they know how to work those leads effectively. Knowing how to deal with the personality style(s) of your clients is vitally important to close deals and gain referrals.

That's where we come in. We empower agents by equipping them with the skills and tools needed to convert leads into trusting relationships, establishing a referral-based business with satisfied clients. Join us and unlock the potential to thrive in the real estate industry.


4 Fundamentals To Achieving Your Goals

1. Mindset

In the journey of life, everything begins with cultivating a strong mindset and removing all limiting beliefs. Our mindset shapes our thoughts, actions, and ultimately, our outcomes.

Growth occurs when we consciously challenge and replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones. Taking this path leads to fulfillment in all areas of life. Remember, it all starts with the power of the mind.


2. Take Action

Consistently taking action is a fundamental aspect of building momentum and maximizing productivity. It's not just any "action" it's imperative to ensure that these actions are in line with your goals and involve engaging in dollar productive activities.

Remember, the key is consistency. Expect it to take at least 90 days of being engaged in the right activities to find yourself moving into momentum. No matter the level of experience, checking in weekly with a mentor also will ensure you're taking the right steps forward. Movement itself is not enough, it's critical that action is strategic and purposeful. TOP

3. Clarity Of Purpose

Purpose drives action. Purpose is a game changer. When you know why, you're more likely to learn how. We get bogged down in the "how" and that's "why" we fall short of our goals. Let's be honest, learning how isn't always fun. It causes us to get out of our comfort zone and can be messy.

Next time you find yourself asking "how do I _____?" Ask a more powerful question: Why do I desire to learn how to do ____? What's the benefit? Get clear on why you're doing something and you will be on your way to learning how to do it. Your purpose is your super power and is often overlooked . TOP

4. Skills, Skills, Skills

How do you differentiate yourself? With so many real estate agents to select from, why would a seller or buyer choose to hire you? Yes, your personality, integrity and ability to build rapport matters...and yet there's more.

All things being equal, it's your ability to demonstrate your skill level that will set you apart from your competition. So, which skills do you focus on? Where would you rank yourself when it comes to your people skills, communication, listening, follow up, presentation, marketing, pricing, negotiating, or customer service skills - just to mention a few? Commit time daily to develop your skills, a key element to your professional growth. TOP



Certified Residential Listing Specialist (CRLS Designation)

Master the listing process, learn proven time-tested strategies from the initial conversation to the last close, while creating maximum efficiency in your listing process. Step by step, you will learn how to take the seller through a logical effective process that causes them to feel comfortable and confident to list their home with you! Earn your CRLS designation and and be recognized as a top listing agent in your market. TOP


Certified Residential Buyer Specialist (CRBS Designation)

Working with buyers can be rewarding, and it can also be time-consuming. Increase efficiency by implementing proven strategies that will set you up to show less and sell more! Streamline the buyer process, gain loyalty with buyers and deliver a compelling value proposition that attracts buyers and increases productivity. Earn your CRBS designation, enhance your credibility and be the go-to buyers agent in your market TOP

Training: Mastering The Fundamentals

  • Mindset

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Follow Up

  • Lead Conversion

  • Database

  • Referral Based Business

  • Expired Listings

  • For Sale By Owners

  • Geo Farming/Door Knocking

  • Listing Presentation Mastery

  • Your Value Proposition

  • Buyer Consultation

  • Pre-Qualifying

  • Seller & Buyer Objections

  • Closing

  • Negotiations

  • B2B Partner Referrals

  • Proactive Open Houses

  • Personality Styles D.I.S.C.

  • The 80/20 Principle

  • Time/Self Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Conversations - What To Say

  • Marketing Strategies

What Agents Are Saying

"I probably have over 2,000 hours of classes, training and designations. Todd is the best, most effective trainer I have ever had."

Dee Davey

"I've wasted many hours in seminars turned vendor fairs. Todd's CRLS designation class was the most relevant info ever delivered to me in a seminar."

Sammy Gardner

"I've received some of the best tools to succeed moving forward. Absolutely entertaining as well as knowledgeable."

Kelly Richardson